Empyrean truth

Laying listless,
chasing rest with exhausted disdain.

Caught nowhere,
between elusive slumber and aching wake.

Flashing images,
projected by this unconscious mind.

Thoughts reveal,
then vanish like perfected slight of hand.

Existing here,
sensory perception takes physical form.

I cross,
the gate connecting the infinite states. 

I am,
set upon an endless quantum plane. 

Ground below,
vibrates, charged with absolute inspiration.

Sky above,
set aflame in the aggregation of all thought.

These hands,
attempt to grasp a piece of the ethereal narrative.

Cruel reality,
tears soul away, back onto this mortal coil. 

But know,
my nocturnal pilgrimage was not for vain.

You see,
although most was lost, I held tight to a single grain of truth. 


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