Great dark teacher

Great dark teacher!
Tormented divine draped in black garb of naivety.
Oh how I loathe you and those of your kind.
Like an arrogant pharisee of dead antiquity.
Relishing in your costumed dark superiority.
You pine for shadowed despair you have only read of.
Proclaiming distaste for perceived apocryphal preaching.
Masking your true prideful intention behind cowardly anonymity.
All the while as you draw from the same god damn dirty well.

You are not the conduit of some dark sorrowed spirit of truth.
But instead by a chain you are lead from the nose.
With the other end held tightly in your own weak hand.
Do you alone hold the keys to all of hells damnation?
Then unlock it already and spare us the incessant fumbling.
Or are those eyes to swollen from your dark weeping.

With bloated purposely obscuring words.
Secreted from your pen like so much shit.
Caught hungrily in the hands of ignorant worshippers.
Feeding both a need to follow and your false pained humility.
Always grandiose and forever tedious.
In infinitely boring rebukes of the uninitiated.
The truly small usually sit comfortably.
Atop a glorious stead knee deep in horse shit.
You speak of this world, as if you no longer make your place here.
Are you that devil? The embodiment of absolute evil?

I think not…

In this world no one is above reproach.
But all from time to time fall to pride’s motivation.
I am a man with no answers.
I posses no cure for the countless diseases of the mind.
I am however a hypocrite, a liar and a drunkard.
I am pretentious and indulgent in my melancholy.
But these are my emotions…not yours!
These are my experiences…not yours!
These are my words…you pompous fuck!

See what truly keeps me wading through yours and others hate.
Is this naive notion that maybe, just maybe.
I will find some truly earned insight before I’m out this bitch!


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