Do you?

Do you still recall me in your night’s slumber?
As much as my days are spent in dreaming of you.

Silence of fights over my selfish want kills me.
Cause try as I might you still hold my will.

I would swear my all to hear your voice.
And give my life just to have you close.

Forsaking a hypocritical world’s material lies.
To live in a truth we once saw in each other’s eyes.

To again see the perfection in our imperfect love.

To find our way through this accusing dark.
To make our way into the light of accepting arms.


5 thoughts on “Do you?

  1. omg…this made my heart beat faster to read i swear i felt every word of it! makes me disappointed in myself for staying away from blogging for so long! your writing however never disappoints my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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