Graven fame

By a trick of the light eager flesh is enticed.
The enchanted offered as food for the gods.

Seen through the eye of magik machines.
For graven fame they sell themselves cheap.

That dirty sex with a picture perfect smile.
Finding love only in recalling pallbearers file.

The killing of all those countless young dreams.
Make bricks for their corrupt pyramid scheme.

A devil’s curse

I got so lost in that way you try to hide.
An evil side behind the good sex you give.

I’ve been crawling on dirty floors again.
Since where you lead I always follow.

I’m looking for that place you keep deep.
So down inside a black soul is where I go.

You already knew I’d die to stay with you.
Cause that poison you feed is killing me.

Like a kid who plays with guns I’m a fool who digs his grave.
My fate was sealed by a fallen angel’s kiss and its devil’s curse.

Dark Dreams

Within dark dreams soul’s get lost in voided reflections.

Flaws seen in everything when nothing is left to believe.

Sleepy minds wander here, there and black again.

Voices from shadow speak spells of nightshade.

Arcane incantations chanted in ancient tongues.

Where lies are made truth and to weary ears becomes.

Place of countless horrors between death and insanity.

And I’ve seen so very many of them within dark dreams.

Broken record

Like the guilty lines of a sad song
that you swear you’ve heard before.

To careless hearts love will always be
a broken record that won’t stop playing.

See the names might have changed
but that awful feeling stays the same.

Praying once more at your altar of shame
and to know it is you who holds all blame.

Cause their beginnings are so very sweet
to bad the ends never justified the deceit.

Gallows tree

Behind a forgiving mask,
With a soft deceiving hand,
leading me to the gallows tree.

A place sour earth grew crooked truths.
There hung a rope bound in selfish lies.

Below dark sky’s shade,
winds chill cutting bone,
to hang untill a love expires.

Crimes of passion committed in black.
Now judged with scornful punishment.