Bullet with my blame

A dirty stranger’s here to end my luck in these reflection games.

His loaded eye’s holding that promise of one last murdered day.

Cause to long I’ve spun my wheel in the most wickedest ways.

But with a calling sound from that merciful round.
The end to this game by that bullet with my blame.

Proxy wars

The waging of wars for affection.
Fought over devotion by proxy in notions.

With scars from battles lost.
Making perfect lines for loving fingers to trace.

Those that tasted defeat.
Will always be the sweetest lips ever kissed.

So to all wounded hearts.
Who’ve gained that which was not easily won.

In victory their promise.
Of a war they will never have to fight again.

Sacred Death Hex

That season for dark pleasing.

So it has always been and so it shall be again.
Under the sacred midnight sky.

Deadly thoughts revealed by its crimson shine.
Patient knives cutting bright.

Illuminating night in a thousand points of light.
The reaping by slight of hand.

For hidden is the path of ancient bloodshed rites.

Familiar Dreams

It’s in these stolen stares.

Where I forsake all of my cares.

Those memories of the one.

Who will lead me back into the sun.

Hand in hand with fate.

I will follow her with this last bit of faith.

Piece by piece, step by step.

Leaving all behind to find my lost lifetime.

A forgotten hope in this new day.

Like familiar dreams from which there’s no wake.

Misguided Trinity

This misguided trinity of mine.
With the things I do, how I think and what I say.

Equal sides of the same mind.
One a sinner the other a saint the last just hates.

Three ways to a place of blame.
How I was raised, decisions I made or it’s just me.

Salvation found in triangular truth.
As we’re born, we all live and in the end we’ll know.